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Jared Blank was only five years old ...


when he realized something was wrong. He could already tell that he wasn’t like everyone else. He was having trouble learning to read, holding a pencil, using scissors, and tying his shoes. As it turned out, Jared had dyslexia, and he still does. With the help of his family, friends, teachers, and mentors, Jared learned to see his learning obstacles as opportunities. He also pursued sports and running as a way to excel, express himself, and help others. In writing this book, Jared hopes that sharing his challenges and experiences with school, work, and the World Marathon Challenge will inspire others who struggle to run their own distance and know that they do not have to do it alone.

Support Jared's mission to raise awareness for dyslexia worldwide below.

Grab a copy of Running the Distance from the International Dyslexia Association bookstore.

Jared is working to raise $70,000 to help individuals with dyslexia all over the globe. Support him today!

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