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This week I have been working from home. When situations and circumstances change, there can be a lot of emotions for me. One central question enters my mind though: how do I get better from this? This question originates from my youth. I remember a classmate challenged me when things did not go my way. "How are you going to get better?" Now, that question is a driving theme in my life.

I talk to students a lot about assisted technology in the classroom and finding ways to use what helps them. We talk about their frustrations, when they feel great and so on. The truth is, being dyslexic for me comes with a number of frustrations. Personally, I am looking for another gear to go faster and do more all the time.

When working from home this week I found some tools that are real game changers for me. Here they are:

-Immersive Reader from Microsoft:

*This tool can be used in Outlook to have emails read aloud to me

*Change can help increase productivity

-Setting up email browser through Outlook to have a dyslexic-friendly font

*Now my incoming emails and outgoing emails have this font

*Change is easier to read and respond to emails

I believe there is no such thing as one size fits all for dyslexia solutions. For me, it is like running shoes: some people like a shoe that lets them feel the ground, and others like shoes that have more cushioning. It is preference. I share this as these tools might help you, your child or student. Also, share this to open the conversation on what tools you have found helpful! Please let me know by commenting below. We are all working on Running the Distance.

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