DyslexiaCon 2020

Feeling grateful for the opportunity to be a part of DyslexiaCon 2020 Virtual Conference.⠀

This year, I got to present at the Adults with Dyslexia Panel: Beyond School, What Next?! It was nice to be on the platform with some amazing fellow dyslexics. ⠀

Also, Chris Stanley PhD CMPC Florida State and I presented on Dyslexia and Sport: Considerations and Opportunities for Resiliency in Sport and Educational Arenas. We talked about the importance of continuing to find ways to help struggling students continue to participate in their outlets like sports, and how this also applies to other electives and activities like art, cooking, etc. We also discussed not allowing grades to be the determining factor whether a student is be able to participate. ⠀

We continue to work to change the culture of education. Until Everyone Can Read!⠀

Photo by Vadela


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