Amidst the pandemic, I reached out to the VadelaTeam to find ways I could support their team. I started showing up at their weekly meetings as their Chief Movement Officer. As an Ace Group Certified Fitness Coach and Certified Run Coach, I wanted to support them to keep moving with the stress of work and uncertainty. While talking with one of the Co-Founders Miguel Angelo Delarosa , he described the mood of the team as being in the 3rd lap of a mile race, and things were harder than when we first started. How could we find ways to keep the group growing and thriving in this time? Thus began the journey of exploring movement as the answer. ⠀

Something else occurred to me in a recent conversation with a friend and running buddy, Jamie King. Jamie was kind enough to have me on her Flex & Flow PDX Activist Podcast. We are all Endurance Athletes whether we know it or not. Have a listen to this fun conversation that explores the topic of Endurance as well as fusing running with dyslexia.⠀

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