Freedom to create

So in the world of Instagram, blogging, Twitter, etc., I have found that even proofreading two or three times that there can still be spelling mistakes and I’m very self-conscious of those because I care about my audience. As a result I’ve relied on proofreaders. However, I have also been working on allowing myself to be who I am and to compose content

without always seeking a proofreader and I think there is an important message in that: it’s important that in this exploration we also give students the freedom to be who they are. That everyone works to the best of their ability but at the end of the day they need the freedom to be able to compose and create without fear or shame.

We can no longer have a culture that defines intelligence by how people spell or use grammar. Should it be paid attention to and given a sense of credibility? Yes, absolutely. But we cannot define it as intelligence knowing the information that we know now with dyslexia and other learning challenges.

I write this to express I thought of a challenge that I deal with and feel free to leave a comment if you have similar challenges or ideas on how to approach this topic.  

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