Oregon Inspiration

Partnering with the International Dyslexia Association is such an honor for me. I wanted to take time to write on my reasons for this Weekly Reflection.

Here in the state of Oregon, the International Dyslexia Association Oregon Branch is made up of a volunteer board. The board members donate their time because they are passionate about changing the culture and making things better for future students. The board members are comprised of educators, parents and people that have experience of working with students who have dyslexia or other learning challenges. They give up their week nights once a month to discuss the important issues in my home state. They meet outside of those meetings to have committee meetings, run events, attend conferences and do anything they can to work on the issues at hand. It is truly inspiring to be around them.

Over the last couple of years I have heard their ideas turn from concepts to action plans to results. There seems to be endless work, but what I would love these people to know is that the work they do now, makes less work in the future; it leads to smoother paths and better opportunities for students.

It is important to note that here in Oregon, Decoding Dyslexia is a partner of the International Dyslexia Association and they have been instrumental in changing legislation throughout the state, which from my perspective makes a big impact in changing the culture.

These groups and the people that serve need applause. I know I am certainly grateful of the work they are doing in my home community.

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