Rising to the Needs of Others

This past week with fires taking place on the west coast, I got to witness leadership as my brother Joshua Blank organized a group of people to head to Lincoln City, Oregon to serve meals to front line workers and people displaced by the fires. It took a collective effort. ⠀

In the wake of hard times, he and others rose to the occasion. We witnessed people being selfless, we heard stories of people that had lost everything and still found a way to smile, we saw front line workers from all over coming into the community to help. ⠀

All in all, about 1000 meals were served to the community, including a big push to provide the Red Cross 330 hot meals. I think what really made an impact on me is what can be accomplished when people understand how much they have to be grateful for and with that mindset, can think of others more in need. ⠀

Yogi Roth wrote about RationalOptimism this weekend and with work, effort and compassion for others, I believe we can get there. Grateful for my older brother stepping up and to be able to ride with him.⠀

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