Running The Distance Book

I wrote Running The Distance Book with the hope it might help one person. If that happened, all the work would be worth with it.

Last week, one student read this book with his tutor Jane Cooper and then I got to talk to him about it. Jane asked me on the virtual meeting, “you said that writing this book was the hardest challenge you faced, how is that?” Getting information from my head onto paper has been a challenge my entire life. The energy, time and effort to get that done was exhausting, even moreso than running. The student added “Jane you must not be dyslexic if you are asking that question.”

In talking with students or going back to my time working with student-athletes, the goal for me is to help support others, without expectation. Simply planting seeds from my experience that I hope will be helpful for others either currently or down the road. One person at a time.

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