“Until Every Barrier Falls”

At #DyslexiaCon19, in Portland Oregon last November, I ran a marathon on a treadmill! LeDerick Horne had run a marathon about a month earlier. He crewed, supported, and ended up running most of the way with me at the conference! Why did we do this together? We had an important message to share: Through ‘The Great Marathon Challenge’ we wanted to inspire people to Run the Distance (the title of my book); conquer any sense of inadequacy; chase their dreams! We wanted to raise awareness about dyslexia through running, but most importantly we did it to raise much needed funds for the International Dyslexia Association, AND for the Dyslexia Kenya Organisation in support of Rare Gem Talent School in Kajiabo, Kenya. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Last week (almost a year later), LeDerick shared his most recent poem, “Until Every Barrier Falls.” An inspiring message, his words are powerful and thought provoking. He finishes with a call to action, “… and let this century be the wilderness from which our better selves are born.” As I recognize Dyslexia Awareness month alongside my friend LeDerick, please take a moment to witness his profound art!

⠀ Photo by: Vadela

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